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In partnership with our clients, we set investment goals and establish a long-term asset allocation framework. We augment traditional asset allocation with an opportunistic and fundamental view of markets, allocating to niche opportunities and mispriced asset classes as market conditions unfold.


    We turn the traditional portfolio construction process on its head and start by building a portfolio with what we believe are the most exceptional investment managers, regardless of asset class. Rather than reflexively filling each asset class bucket with mediocre active managers, we achieve our asset allocation goals by filling the gaps with low-fee passive instruments.


    We manage risk by monitoring underlying manager positions and measuring overall portfolio exposures to various fundamental and macroeconomic risks and mitigating unintended exposures.



Foundations, endowments, and other non-profit institutions represent approximately two-thirds of our client count. We work with our non-profit clients to structure customized portfolios that take advantage of their status as long-term investors, while balancing the spending and liquidity needs of the institutions they support.

In our longstanding relationships, we have implemented innovative and thoughtful investment programs and delivered successful results over time.


We have been working with public pension plans, government agencies and permanent wealth funds for years and understand the challenges that public investors face. We provide comprehensive consulting and research services, designing portfolios that seek to achieve longer-term performance objectives while managing the scale and liability considerations of these investors.

Our public fund clients have been among the most forward-thinking in the market, adopting a more specialized and diversified approach to their portfolios, that we believe are years ahead of their peers.


Angeles Investment Advisors has worked with corporate and insurance clients since the inception of our firm, customizing defined benefit and defined contribution plans as well as tax-efficient insurance portfolios.

We work with our clients to structure portfolios that are sensitive to the impact of portfolio performance on corporate financial statements and address each entity’s unique asset/liability profile.


We work with boards, investment staff, committees and trustees on all aspects of managing a defined benefit investment program. Our works includes investment policy development, asset allocation, investment structure analysis, manager selection and evaluation, and performance evaluation and measurement.

At Angeles Investment Advisors, our teams work closely with our clients to ensure that day-to-day operations of the portfolios are smooth, efficient and cost effective, and that investment policy is aligned appropriately with pension objectives and liabilities.


We have provided advisory services to defined contribution plans for many years.

In addition to working with plan sponsors to build customized investment menus that address the needs of a broad range of plan participants, we have built sophisticated balanced fund portfolios and designed multi-asset class options, bringing institutional management options and cost structures to an often underserved market.


We provide institutional-quality advice to select private investors and family offices. We work closely with our private clients to understand each investor’s unique considerations (ranging from near-term liquidity needs to longer-term investment goals to generational planning and family dynamics to tax considerations) as we build sophisticated and customized comprehensive investment programs. For more information on our services for private clients, click here.